A downloadable surreal horror game for Windows and macOS

Within an old abbey, a nun has gone missing. You can not rest until you find her. But as you creep among the silent halls you begin to find that something dark and horrible has moved in. Corpses are scattered throughout the abbey. And while you wander to find the items that will help you find the root of these murders, a question starts to form in your head: Why are you here? The bed you woke up in is not your bed, the clothes you wear are not your own. You have the eyes of a stranger. Someone has been playing with fire...and she should be very afraid.

How to play the game:

-Use Arrow Keys to move the cursor around.

-You can interact with something when you hover over it and your cursor will change, then press enter.

-Press ESC to view the menu and inventory.


This was originally made for the 14 days "Black and White Jam" hosted by Lone Rabbit. 

Here is some extra info:

-This game is a Point-and-Click Adventure Game in a throwback style. 

-It is also all in a monochrome color scheme.  

-None of the backgrounds are my own, most are stock photos that I edit to add some items or just some flavor.

-Since this a horror game, it might contain certain images or themes that are not suitable for some players.


BeNotAfraid(Windows).zip 534 MB
BeNotAfraid(MAC).zip 670 MB

Development log


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I really freaking loved this! I did not see that twist at all (it was so good!)

Thank you so much for playing my game! Your voice was both very entertaining and very calming to watch/listen to, really made my day! Super glad you enjoyed it! (Also got to note, love your tapestry in the background!)

Oh no Does it only have macOS build? The art Is so nice!

Oh, shoot! Sorry for the late reply!

 there should be a windows version. Though I've been told there's been a game-breaking big towards the end of the game so if you decide to play lookout for that. Im trying to fix it as of late.

Really creepy and fun atmosphere, I got stuck at the end when opening the Altar Though.

Oh no! can you tell me what happened? did the entrance opening not trigger or can you not enter it?

I cannot enter it! I put the eye on the left statue and the book on the right one, the entrance opened but I cannot enter and when clicking on the statues it seems that the book and the eye are not there anymore. Maybe i am doing something wrong!

I'm going through it right now, (90% sure it's my fault)  but out of curiosity, do you have all three scrolls?

yes I have them!

Okay, then it is definitely on me.  Sadly, I believed I fixed the problem but I can't upload the new file to itch.io because of the jam ...and I also stupidly deleted the old file as well. Anyways, if you want, the new game version is also up on Game Jolt. If you do play it again I would love to know if I fixed the problem or not. 

Sorry the game didn't work the first time around but thank you so much for playing.